*20* Most Amazing Website Which You Don’t See Ever

20 most amazing website

*20* Most Amazing Website Which You Don’t See Ever

The internet is a vast place to do numerous activities. From streaming movies to paying rents, it’s a place that can take you almost everywhere. There might be plenty of famous websites available for killing your time. However, when it comes down to make it worthwhile, we have a list for you of  *20* most amazing websites’.

1. Buzzfeed

In the top of the list is the personal favorite of all. Buzzfeed.com is an American News and Media company which can update you with trending news in the most entertaining way possible. Not just the article section makes it amazing. But also, a participation of the audience in the comment section can give your soul hoola hoops.

2. The Toast

This is for all the satirical and fiction writers present out there if you’re one of them this site will definitely become your instant favorite.  Good news is everyday writers like Nicole Cliffe and Mallory Ortberg publish a post. People who love to read and write can check it out and find a new bookmark for internet access.

3. Supercook

A super website for food management is Supercook. There are plenty of items that can be used productively in the kitchen and fridge. Tell Supercook what lies in your stock and it will give you a big list of a recipe which you can follow. Because what do they say? ‘Eat good, feel good’.

4. A Soft Murmur

Now if you’ve had a long tiring day and you need to find your own solace, A Soft Murmur is your place. Available for both Android and IOS it is a dashboard that gives you adjustable volume bars for nature sounds like rain, thunder, waves, wind, and fire. With A Soft Murmur, you can go on a vacation without actually packing your bags.

5. The Onion

If you’ve missed browsing on this satirical newspaper, you’ve totally missed a lot of fun. Running since 1988 this newspaper has never looked behind while maintaining a high standard for humor and writing. Their articles along with their headlines with tickle your stomach will giggle.

6. Space.Com

As the name suggests, this website is all about space. Space.com tells you all about astronomy with trending news in the most understanding manner. This site has some very cool stuff for almost everyone. So if you want to see the magnified galaxy or stars burning up, simply head up to Space.com.

7. Animal Planet Kitten and Puppy Cam

What can be cuter and more adorable than puppies and kittens? This website lets you stream live kittens and puppies adopted by animal shelters. For when you’re feeling low, open up this amazing website and watch for yourself sweeties in play.

8. F*** My Life

If you’ve been lashed out by your boss or your infant little-spilled milk all over the carpet, worry not you’re not alone. Fmylife.com is a message board website where people with crappy situations post their stories. If any random funny story could not burst your stomach with laughter, I am sure reading a story worse than your day, will give you peace.   

9. Serendipity

We all know where words fail; music is the one thing that speaks. Seems like Serendipity works of the same. It connects you to a random person who is listening to the same song at exactly the same time as yours. So come on, be quick! Who knows your soulmate is surfing on Serendipity listening to Becky G.

10. Sleepty.me

This is a website which will solve your most basic yet important problem. Your whole day’s performance highly depends on sleep from last night. Sleepty.I let you know, the most suitable time to fall asleep, in order to get a good night sleep. You can also know the best time of waking up if you sleep instantly.  Always remember, Sleep is important and so is this website.

11. What Should I Read Next?

One click to go destination for all the avid readers presents out there is What Should I Read Next. Picking up a book after finishing a great one can be really hard. But you shouldn’t be thinking much, just tell it which book you just read and it will give you a list of the most suitable books for you.

12. Draw a Stickman

If you are creative, you’ll never get bored. This website is all about the same. Draw crazy toons as you wish, create a story with other elements and then see your creation come to life. What an amazing pass time!

13. Mental Floss

Floss your knowledge with the coolest websites which leave no niche of information. Mental Floss brings to you everything from history to technology including Page 3 news and pop culture. Prepare your brains because it is the destination of everything at a place.

14. MUBI

There is always a huge crowd looking for a perfect movie to watch. The problem comes when there is an endless list of movies and you have one to choose from. MUBI is the problem hacker in this case. It hosts 30 movies at a time with one movie added and removed daily.

15. This is my Website

This is my website can be truly your website if you want to take a 10-minute worthwhile break. It gives to you a collection of small games which you can play on your website without any fuss.

16. The Oatmeal

You can never have enough of something that is fun. Out of all the funny websites, you’ll ever go through, The oatmeal will become your instant favorite. There is the number of comic strips with unexpected punch lines. One thing for sure is if you’re surfing this, you’ll never run out of laughing gags.


What else can express your emotions the best, other than with GIFs? Check on to GHIPY and find the most relatable GIF to share with your friends.

18. This Is Why I Am Broke

Are you worried that your best friend’s birthday is a week later on the calendar but your pay date is due two weeks late? Well, you can find thousands of gift ideas on this website which are totally different.

19. Forgotify

Well, you can always find the most trending music on Spotify. But there is always something amazing that is underrated. Forgetify brings to you artists who produce mesmerizing music but are not very famous. It’s the best place to discover new music and artists.

20. Pixel

Got trouble in your mind? Let it all go with Pixel. You will have a bubble in which you can put your troubling thoughts. It will float around your screen for 60 seconds while you can meditate and sort it all out.

*20* Most Amazing Website Which You Don’t See Ever,*20* Most Amazing Website Which You Don’t See Ever

Opinion:-I hope you will enjoy this Article. If you know more website then comment below I will add to this.

*20* Most Amazing Website Which You Don’t See Ever,*20* Most Amazing Website Which You Don’t See Ever,*20* Most Amazing Website Which You Don’t See Ever,*20* Most Amazing Website Which You Don’t See Ever,*20* Most Amazing Website Which You Don’t See Ever,*20* Most Amazing Website Which You Don’t See Ever


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