Best Kickass Proxy Sites List 2019|| (*100% Working*)

Best Kickass proxy sites list 2019
Best Kickass proxy sites list 2019

Kickass Proxy Sites

What is a kickass torrent? ( a.k.a. kat )

Before starting on what are the proxy sites, lets first dive into what is a kickass torrent. Kickass torrent is a website started in 2008 by Artem Vaulin, who hails from Ukraine. The site provides access to latest or old content for free, whether it be the latest blockbuster movie, which is the talk of the town or an old software you are relentlessly searching from different websites, it has it all.

Kat becomes if not the most but one of the most searched site and was visited by millions every day, who wouldn’t if you are giving away free stuff to your users. Due to the success of the website all around the world, the developers provided the site in 45 different languages for easy access to content for its users. After all the success and glory, KAT started facing problems within the first 3 operating years.

What problems it faced!

You can call it jealousy or be in the race for competition, the music production companies, the software companies, in a nutshell, the companies providing paid services filed a complaint, that their product was being used without their consent. Due to these allegations, the US Dept. of Justice took down the official domain for good. After the shutdown of their domain, the KAT team had to shift its operations to the Philippines domain. Anticipating another shut down the Kickass torrent kept migrating its domain for a cycle of 6 months.

However, in the year 2013 and 2014 turned out to be really heavy for KAT as during these two years they had to face these circumstances:

  • Blocked by Internet service providers in the UK on the order of the High Court of London.
  • Erased permanently from Googles listings on the request of the Motion Pictures Association of America.
  • Got blocked by Internet Service Providers in Belgium.
  • Irish Internet Service Providers began blocking the site all over the Ireland nation.
  • Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission the body which looks into the digital content for its citizens made Kickass Torrent blocked in Malaysia on the grounds of copyright infringement issues.

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Best Kickass proxy sites list 2019
Best Kickass proxy sites list 2019

During the year of 2014, kickass torrent site moved domain names a number of times. In November 2014, KAT site moved to However, the domain was blocked by the Somalian registry and the site later moved to for a 24-hour duration. Later action was taken by the Isle of Man domain registry to take back the domain name, the site moved to its next domain of

Nonetheless, tragedies did not stop there as complaints kept on growing year after year, getting blocked and blacklisted. In the year 2015, fake or unethical Kickass torrent sites were found by Google which contained malware.

One of the fatal blow for Kickass Torrent came in as a surprise during the ending of the year 2015, when Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox banned the access to Kickass Torrents.

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The US Government shut down Kickass Torrent site in 2016 and this shut down was closely followed by the closing of the Kickass proxy servers by the KAT team itself.

All of these atrocities made kickass both notorious and popular at the same time.

Later on, another shocking thing that took place was the notorious arrest of the owner of Kickass torrents; Artem Vaulin. Artem was arrested in Poland after FBI cross-referenced some IP addresses and tracked him down from his online shopping details, clearly a silly but fatal mistake made by him. Multiple charges and were placed on the 30-year old Ukrainian and prosecutors made sure to give it to him.

Later, his bail was turned down by a Polish court in early November 2016. Since then, he has been in jail, serving his sentence.

Kickass proxy and mirror sites link

Speed(1-10) Status

9 Working

9 Working

9 Working

5 Working

7 Working

4 Working
7 Working

 Given above are some of the proxy and mirror sites for a kickass torrent or you can call it a kickass proxy.

What is a proxy server?

You might wonder, what is a proxy server, so for that let us understand what is a proxy from the base form. Proxy means that someone else does your job or work in your absence. Similarly, proxy servers work as an alternate for the kickass torrent site.

A proxy Server works similar to a regular proxy. When your Internet Service provider or government has blocked the access to a particular site, you can access and use them by using another server to access the website for you. It sounds little complicated and you might think it went over your head, but in reality, it is not that complicated at all.

When a user uses a proxy for some online request, the request goes straight to the proxy server instead of going to the destination site you actually want to visit. The proxy server then masks or shrouds your IP with a new IP and takes you back to your destination site. The advantage in this is that now you don’t get blocked anymore, as you are accessing the website with new IP.


There are tonnes and tonnes of kickass proxy and mirror websites available on the Internet, but only a few of them have a sustainable business and provide content without malware. Other sites are preying on your data and offering cheap services. KAT was one of the top priority websites based on the user’s choice and consent. But after the legal actions and prosecutions from many law enforcing authorities, we aren’t left with much choice in our hands but just to use the alternatives. The future holds many mysteries in its hand and we just have to see it unfold for what will happen next to these kickass proxies. Hope this article was of any use to you and we would love to hear from you the best alternate kickass proxy sites for a kickass torrent.


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