Best Movierulz Mirror Proxy Site List and Alternates of Movierulz

Movierulz proxy

Movierulz proxy

Movierulz proxy is a gargantuan digital collection of all the international and regional movies like English, Hindi, Spanish, Arabic, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali and many other kinds of diverse languages. In other words, Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, xyz wood and other regional film industries are available under a single website. Movierulz website has a wide and large variety of different quality of many movies to watch online or download for free in Blu-ray, HDRip, DVDScr, and DVDRip. Along with all the above mentioned, it also has various formats like mkv, mp4, MPEG, etc. Movierulz English movies 2019 is one of the tops searched term in the international category. Apart from all the latest trending movies, movierulz also has a great collection of songs, ranging from retro to modern.

Though movierulz offers all of these things, it’s a little weird and heart-breaking news for movie fans and connoisseur that the access to this website is completely off the hook for many regions. The government has imposed a complete permanent ban on the website because of serious copyright-related infringement issues. During the relaxing weekend, the only dream for a full time working crowd is only of spending quality time with friends and family to download and watch the movies, which movierulz website fulfilled it, is now crushed. It is not safe and legitimate to surf movierulz website and in any case if one tries to access the website, the message showing- “Your requested URL has been blocked.” is displayed on your screens. But in this post, we have listed some of the working movierulz proxy sites or movierulz mirror sites for movierulz unblocked in 2019, which we will cover later in this article.

Why one is not allowed to enter movierulz?

Movierulz blocks the terms and laws of copyright, which are there to safeguard the intellectual property of any organisation for profit or any business. Since torrent websites violate these rights by, making the content available on their respective website to download for free without the consent of the organisation or owner. For reasons like these government is forced to shut down or temporary shut the website till the whole process goes to court and final verdict comes.

So, how to access movierulz then!

Every problem in the world has a solution, which may be easy or difficult to attain. Nothing can stop one from reaching the Movierulz website. It is a good news for movie lovers, user can access movierulz website with the help of movierulz proxy. Proxy helps to bypass the violation set by the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) under the authority and guidance of the government. If the government is successful in blocking one of the proxy websites, there are many such proxy sites or more will come up, which are up to provide access to the content of the website. Each Movierulz proxy website has a different domain name to stay away from the radar and proximity of the violation but they do offer the content as good as the main site.

Ways to unblock

Google translate

Not many people out there realize this simple but amazing thing, that Google Translate is actually a proxy. Just go out to, choose any means any in the translate menu language as source language and English as target or in which you want the result, enter “” into the search box and click “Translate”.

This will give you a link in the result box, just click it and go to the website.

The good thing and why is it working is that most censors don’t realize this either so Google Translate is almost always unblocked.

Public DNS servers

DNS is an integral part of the Internet infrastructure itself that lets requests from your personal computer find its way to Movierulz (or any given website’s) servers. Hijacking or borrowing DNS requests is the most highly used way to implement or initiate Internet filtering. By default, almost every computer is configured to use Internet service providers’ servers provided by ISP. However one can change this whole setting and use DNS servers controlled by a neutral party and free of censorship.


VPN (full name-Virtual Private Network) emulates or creates a LAN connection between your computer and a random or designated server and en-routes all the traffic via this connection. The main advantage of a VPN is that it guarantees that every program on your computer or device that, talks to the Internet does so via an encrypted tunnel. It’s also faster than the other alternatives. The major downside is that a good VPN connection costs money. If you can afford it, then we recommend to try Norton vpn.

Movierulz proxy and mirror websites

Some of the Movierulz proxy websites offer movies in superior or higher quality. Some proxy websites offer subtitles for your regional and international movies. In few cases, Movierulz proxy website offers dubbed movies. These above mentioned are the only things that differentiates the content which these movierulz proxy websites offer, but these are powered from the similar database.

Proxy and mirror websites

  Speed(0-10)   status

  9    working

  8    working

  9    working

  7    working

  9    working

Apart from these above proxy and mirror websites, Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the other reliable option to access the Movierulz website without interruption. 


VPN is an application designed and made to hide your IP address and access the restricted website. Free VPN services are available, you can download the application, set the location from which the Movierulz website is accessible to watch and you are good to go. Even paid VPN is available in the market which is responsible for protecting and securing your network, and which is what, we will recommend you.


All in all, these methods would suffice for you to get a proper access to the movierulz website but without a VPN, it is walking in a blizzard naked. So, if you trying to get past these issues using vpn with proxy websites is the best solution

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