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ExteaTorrents Proxy Site list 2019


ExtraTorrent (commonly written as ET) is an online website of digital content of entertainment media and software, where users could search, download and contribute links and torrent files to each other, which is facilitated by peer-to-peer file sharing among users of the BitTorrent.

Shut Down?

On November 2016, ExtraTorrent website became the world’s second-largest torrent website to be viewed, after The Pirate Bay. The site was most famous for hosting and giving content related to the entertainment industry, mainly movies and TV shows, for the general audience.  As a result of these actions, many complaints were filed to hosting companies and domain name services to shut down the website.

The website ExtraTorrent.cc was taken down voluntarily out of nowhere by its owners on 17 May 2017. Users who try to access the extra torrents homepage are welcomed by a short but clear cut message, indicating that the popular torrent website will not return (the message appears immediately).

Best ExtraTorrents Proxy Mirror Site List

“ExtraTorrent has shut down permanently.”

After its untimely shutdown, ExtraTorrent clones have been appearing online, none of which are affiliated with the original website. Every clone website claims to be the new original Extratorrents. According to the ExtraTorrent IRC Channel, the only new site run by former moderators is extratorrent.cd even though it has been reported that this website is a total ‘scam’ and simply a bad ‘clone’ of the pirate bay with absolutely nothing to do or related with the original website. With Extratorrents’ shut down the BitTorrent ecosystem has lost yet another prominent player in the top content provider. Whether this all means the end of associated release groups, like the EtHD and ettv, remains to be unseen.

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The extratorrents’ popularity placed it in the red crosshairs of various entertainment industry groups in those months. These groups regularly kept pressurizing hosting companies and domain name services to take serious action.

Extratorrents back in 2018

ExtraTorrrents and all of its major mirror websites were shot down year 2017. But some of the mirror sites survived and proved their mettle. Mirror torrent websites create major trust issues for torrent users, as they all get confuse whether the website they are using is a mirror site or an official one.

It has happened quite well with ExtraTorrents as well. Because many websites have somehow failed to recognize the successor URL to the official extratorrent.cc domain. The official successor to extratorrent.cc is out there in the internet realm, which might require using the best VPN for torrenting.

However, previously the torrents website graveyard besides the likes of Kickass Torrent and other famous ones, as ExtraTorrents goes offline. The untimely shutdown of ExtraTorrent was a mystery at that point.

Extratorrents proxy and mirror websites

There are numerous proxy websites that still provide proper access to extratorrent.cc but we are 100 percent sure if, they are trustable with malware and viruses. Many ExtraTorrent mirror and proxy websites were shut down in 2017 but few of them survive to tell the tale and a few more have emerged online. Here are some of the ExtraTorrents mirror and proxy sites.

Extratorrents mirror and proxy sites

  Speed(0-10)    status

ExtraTorrents Official

  8  working


 7  working


 8  working


 6  working


 7  working

 Extratorrents dubbed movies in different languages

The perfect thing about extratorrents is that you can find your favourite movies dubbed in multiple different languages like Hindi, English, Russian, Spanish and Arabic. People from all around the world are using extratorrents.

Many or most prefer watching movies in their native language, and they can find it easily on ExtraTorrents.

However, you may or will see a large amounts of English and Hindi dubbed movies because of the high demand for these languages among the audience.

Alternatives to Extratorrents

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay undoubtedly remains the undefeated world’s leading torrent website, providing free access to an incalculable number of latest and old movies, music albums, and software downloads, as well as TV shows and other prominent shared files.

Based in Seychelles in a small town, Pirate Bay is a non-profit organization that was originally founded by Swedish anti-copyright activists’ people in 2003. Pirate Bay is one of the few torrent websites that has stood the test of time and found a way somehow to remain within legal boundaries – meaning that it cannot be held or taken responsibility for any copyright infringements that take place via or by its site.


Started in early 2008, Rarbg facilitates or works on peer-to-peer file sharing using BitTorrent. Rarbg is blocked in many countries, including the UK, Saudi Arabia, and Australia. Using a legit VPN will enable one to bypass these various restrictions, allowing one to safely access the uncountable content – while remembering a very important thing from our side that, we do not condone or promote piracy. The rarbg site offers a wide range of download categories and also provides latest news, reviews, and other movie and show-related information.


1337x is currently for the time the third most popular torrent website that is still working in 2019. 1337x uses the BitTorrent protocol which is to allow peer-to-peer file sharing of its directory of torrent files. 1337x website has changed domain names at least once to avoid a threating Google search ban; currently it is running on the .to domain as its main website, but also uses the .se when the main website is unreachable.


TorLock mixes a gargantuan list of torrents with a fantastic and easy to use user experience, especially if you’re out looking for high-quality recently or almost latest release movies and music, anime episodes or reading material for your leisure time. Few of the stuff on TorLock is much difficult to find on other trackers, but you’re most likely to find the most popular torrents here as well – to lock has over 4.8 million to choose from.

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In the end, we still are unaware of the legit proxy and mirror sites of extratorrents and, if you find any proper working ones then, you may leave a comment for it.


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