Top 10 EZTV Proxy Site List and Its Alternates (100% Working)

Eztv Proxy site list

EZTV proxy

Who does not love to watch and relax on a good TV show from time to time, if not then, there is some problem in you or you are super busy, after all, it is the most widely adopted and tested leisure activity in the world. Peaky Blinders, Supernatural, stranger things and The Big Band Theory to old and popular friends are amongst the most watched shows in the world.

However, in order to watch these magnificent shows, one needs some sort of subscription plan, which can be a bit expensive and we all love free stuff or cheap solution.

This is where website like EZTV come in to play.

EZTV is an online torrent website, specifically created for catering towards offering latest and greatest TV shows which makes it perfect for couch potatoes and busy people to catch a breath.

What is EZTV!

EZTV is one of the favourite out there websites for downloading and using the ripped off torrents. The major specialty of this website is that eztv does not need to seed any torrents which are not popular in demand and are less downloaded by peers or torrent users. This website also gives the space for its users to discuss TV shows, which may be problematic for people who do not want to get spoiled about any major plot twist in their favourite TV show.  Not only this but, the users also request for shows which they like to watch in the forums. EZTV has been ranked as one of the best websites to download torrents from in the year 2014 by TorrentFreak. The design of EZTV website is a little bit old fashioned for the changing times but it has not lost its enigmatic style. However, if you’re wondering how to bypass the blocks on this website, an EZTV proxy or EZTV mirror is the answer.

Although the EZTV website went down in dust during 2014, it did make a flashy comeback with two brand new domain names and However, unfortunately even these domains are no longer accessible, as the website has been shut down and again changed it to

With that all said, even the current domain name of EZTV is still inaccessible in many countries.

EZTV proxy and mirror websites

Now one can find multiple countable proxy and mirror websites for EZTV on Google, however, not all of them are going to work for you. This is all because just like torrent websites, many working proxy and mirror websites are also taken down on regular basis and some have malware waiting for you.

Luckily for you after digging around a while, we have compiled a short list of only the best working EZTV proxy and mirror websites for you guys.

Proxy and mirror websites







Proxy status can change overnight.

This is why one proxy website that might be working fine today making you happy might not work tomorrow making you wonder about humanity.

Now do not freak out and do stupid things, if proxies are not working for you because they all can be easily substituted with a single VPN.

A VPN is a Virtual private network that decrypts and encrypts your un-protected and vulnerable internet connection. This way all of your network requests might be it inbound or outbound will be anonymized or rendered unknown, making you safe, meaning that, you can access EZTV regardless of any Internet service provider blockades.

Also in addition to any geo lock bypassing, a mere and powerful VPN will also make sure to keep you and your private data out of the reach of any online snoops or hackers.

Alternate to EZTV

Kickass Torrents (KAT)

Launched in the year early 2008, the Kickass torrents has become if not the best but one of the most used torrent websites. It has to bolster 9 main categories along with many subdivisions are provided to facilitate and download easy access. While the other out there torrent websites use the common index system to rank the shows, Kickass torrents use the creative and indulging user voting system. Kickass is famous all over the entire world owing to the one fact that it is available in total 45 different languages of the world. The users are also engaged to involve actively in the forum.


Though this prominent torrents website has been around and telling its own tale for quite some time, it has not become very popular. But if you ask any ardent or apt gamers, they would immediately mention that limetorrents is the best website to download exciting games from new to old. This website has a gargantuan database of which many are not aware of. Of course needless to say, not only games are available on the website. It comes as a good alternative for any EZTV mirror since it has a great base of different and large kinds of torrents.


The Torrentsz2 may or can be called the almighty mother of all torrents. Torrentz2 is the torrents website that amasses and accumulates all the torrents from the major torrent websites on the internet. Torrentz2 is more or less a storehouse of torrent websites which segregates the all shows and other content from other torrent websites. There are almost 61 million torrents from 96 million domains.


If you really want to know the entire detail about the file or content you are trying to download, then you must prefer using the Rarbg torrent. There are a lot of countable mirror websites available for Rarbg. These all torrents were launched in the early year of 2008 and the various good content is arranged in a pristine orderly manner.


This all speculation and controversy gets out and every time new proxy and mirror sites comes out. To get the best and safest result, on should try using a proxy site with a good VPN on to be safe and secure downloading.

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