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1337x torrents sites list 2019

1337x proxy

1337x torrents website is not the best but one of the best torrent website for latest Hindi movies, English movies and latest software. The main reason behind the success is the quality of content available for their users and their high dependability level. Users do not trust every torrent website and it is very obvious that not every website is safe to use, not unless without the best vpn for torrenting out there.

However, the conditions are, one of the best torrent website that has always surfaced below the radar of authorities is not only then, 1337x torrents.

1337x provides high definition and low definition movie torrents and its search engine is remarkable in terms of its high accuracy. 1337x movie torrents are reliable unlike other torrent websites that provide malicious and un-reliable downloads instead of required file.

What is 1337x exactly?

Torrent websites have always stayed in the limelight because of piracy issues and concerns. The pressure exerted by local Internet service providers, regional authorities and courts results in shot down of torrent websites. But this does not lasts long for 1337x as they re-emerge with new Urls.

Same is the case with the famous and notorious 1337x website, which is one of the major players in the torrent community. 1337x has been around for the last in-compressive 11 years in the torrent industry but, it reached the height of its biggest popularity when the famous Kickass Torrent bit the dust with its shut down and this created a great room for 1337x torrents.

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The people that preferred Kickass torrents was pressurized and forced to look for an alternate and this resulted in shift of most focus towards 1337x torrents in the year 2016.

However, the sky may shine for you, it does not stay bright for anyone every time, especially when you are in the notorious torrent industry and that is exactly what happened with 1337x torrents. Its popularity caught the bad attention of authorities and Google took to itself and took it out of search results by implying a permanent ban. This all caused a great hassle and bash for users in searching this site.

Best 1337x Proxy Site List

Nonetheless, more backlash and dirt was received by 1337x, almost a year later when, the Austrian Supreme Court’s ruling came out in the public eyes but this time it was not alone for only 1337x. Other big torrent name; The Pirate bay was also between the said two names taken by the court to be permanently blocked.

This whole ruling given by the Supreme Court was over the case file filed by the only music rights holders who represent around 3000 famous and recognised global artists like Iggy Azalea, Michael Jackson, Metallica and many more.

Above everything else, one thing that seems quite hilarious and funny to me is, despite the ruling of the Austrian Supreme Court, 1337x is still accessible and can be used in Austria. It is also accessible to use in other countries like UK, Germany, Thailand, Turkey, India etc.

1337x website might be in-accessible from your respective region but you can quite easily access 1337x through the US servers. Many local Internet service providers keep trying to block torrent websites in their respective region but 1337x unblock method is very simple. Get a VPN and bypass the Internet service providers’ restrictions by connecting to a proper server where torrents are not working.

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Is 1337x safe to use?

All users consider Torrent websites as an unsafe and secure option, all because of their pirated content distribution practices which is illegal and also because of the malwares and viruses that enter the user system because of torrent downloading.

To check if 1337x is a safe site to browse, we took a site safety test on the Transparency Report by Google and it came out as safe to use.

1337x Proxy and Mirror websites

The best way to access all the torrent websites all you need is a virtual private network (VPN) as it hides your vulnerable IP address. That is the only sole reason many people access the website without having or facing any issues. If you are one of the people who want to go for a simple trick then 1337x mirrors or 1337x proxies will help you out to easily access the 1337x torrent services without any such problems. All you need is a legit link which accesses the mirror link of your favourite torrent website. Check whether the link provided is running or not to access the website.

Here are some of the Proxy sites, these websites will work 24/7 without any problem.

Proxy /mirror websites  


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  6    working

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Alternate to 1337x

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay or TPA is one of the oldest and reliable public torrent directories on the internet domain. The Pirate Bay mimics or tries the look and feel of Google Search Engine, and it offers a very wide and large selection of torrents across all major categories.

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RARBG is a properly curated and well reliable public torrent directory where one can find torrents. Rarbg is quite surprisingly well organized, and each of its torrent has a detailed description with all the information in the world you need to decide whether it’s worth your time and bandwidth or not.


TorLock is a very popular torrent directory. If it’s discovering talented artists and worth your time from around the world is your thing, TorLock is where you can scratch your itch.


In the very end, all we can say that in torrent industry, no one can stay on the top of their game for long and have to be prepared to encounter bans or any lawsuits coming their way.

For now, 1337x is safe with its proxy site and mirror websites, but time will tell.

We would love to know, what the best proxy and mirror sites you like to use.


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