How to Convert Your Photos into Beautiful Sticker on WhatsApp

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How to Convert Your Photos into Beautiful Stickers

As you already know that Facebook-owned ‘WhatsApp’ app is a most popular platform for sending your feeling, day to day activities, Happy news, wishes & smiles, and so many heart feeling. WhatsApp is always doing something new for their valuable users so that users problems are solved and feeling requirements fulfill. With this tradition, WhatsApp added a new feature for users. Now users can make their own stickers with his own photos. Means users can convert their own photos in to beautiful and smiled stickers. So, now users enable to send their own stickers other than the effectively existing GIFs and emojis.

This new feature is available on both Android and Apple iOS phones. While for Android phone users, there are some default WhatsApp sticker packs, they can also download outsider sticker packs specifically from Google Play Store. In this simple process, two important steps are taken: First is, to make a photo without background; and second is, adding a photo to WhatsApp Stickers.

Here below, some steps are given to convert your beautiful photo into smile, happy, sad, angry or jokey mood:-

      • Firstly, WhatsApp version 2.18 or above should be running on your Android or Apple iOS Smartphone.
      • In which mood, you want to make a sticker, take a photo into PNG file format without background.
      • For deleting the background, you can use the eraser app, which downloads from Google Play Store.

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      • Select photo of your choices, which you want to convert into a sticker.
      • With the help of Auto, Magic or Manual tool, erase the background of your photo.
      • Now, crop your photo to convert it into a sticker.
      • Save your converted image into a PNG file format. Here, you can use only WhatsApp supported PNG file format for saving of stickers.
      • After saving your image into PNG file format, you will get your ‘Personalised Stickers’ as per your photo’s mood.
      • Here you find a small problem. WhatsApp does not allow a single image as ‘ Personalised Stickers’.  So, you must create a minimum of three images as stickers. WhatsApp allowed minimum three images/stickers as a sticker pack. Because of this, you required a minimum of three images to convert them into stickers.
      • Now, open Google Play Store and download ‘Personal Stickers for WhatsApp’ and open it.
      • The ‘Personal Sticker for WhatsApp’ application will find out automatically, all the ‘personalised stickers’ made by you.
      • Next to ‘personalised stickers’, ‘Add’ button is available, tap it.
      • Once again tap to ‘Add’ button when asked by a system.
      • After doing this, open the chat window on WhatsApp and tap on the smiley icon.
      • Tap the stickers icon, available after the GIF icon.
      • Now, you can send your stickers to your friends. Just tap on your ‘Photo Sticker’, which you want to send and send it.
      • Here, it’s good news that your created stickers will be stored in your ‘Sticker Bank’. You need not taking again all steps, you have taken before for creating your ‘Personalised Stickers’. You can use stickers forever when you required to send it friends or love ones.


Friends, how easy, you find to create your own stickers as per your choice and create your own ‘Stickers Bank’?  Contribute your share to improve in other knowledge with your valuable ideas or views.



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