How to Download Instagram Video’s and Photos in 4 Easy Steps

How to download instagram video and photo

How to Save Your Instagram Videos or Stories.Although instagram is a widely using app know a days. Instagram is very popular video sharing and photo sharing app. In this app almost all people don’t know – How to download Video or photo on instagram.

so You have given me some couples of minutes I have given you a solution. 

So here I have given a tips and tricks – How to download photo or video on this app.

How to Save Your Instagram Videos or Stories

Downloading and storing the instagram video and photo by using this.

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Open the story or video you wish to save.
  3. Tap its corresponding menu button, located in the lower right-hand corner and represented by three dots.
  4. When the pop-up menu appears, tap Save or Save Photo/Video. 

iOS users can also tap Save Story, which allows you to retrieve the entire contents of a story as one video file.

How to Save Another User’s Instagram Videos

While instagram user want to download video or photo. If you want to download video or photo of other user then their is the solution. So there are the steps you went to follow these steps.

video or photo of another user then there is the solution. So there are the steps you went to follow these steps.

  1. Open the Instagram app on your pc or Mac.
  2. Open the story or video you wish to want to save or download.
  3. tab on the right button then a pop button open on that there is an option inspect or you want to open view page source.
  4. A new tab is open. you want to see the source code. You want to click click+F or cmd+f on Mac. 
  5. When the open search option box is apper then you will type mp4.
  6. Lots of results will appear on the tab. You will copy a URL and copy and paste the first code in the above image.
  7. Open a new tab and paste the copied URL into the address bar. Press Enter or Return.
  8. The video should now load in its own standalone player. Right-click within the video window and select Save video as. 
  9. You can now specify the filename and location where you’d like to store the MP4 video file on your hard drive or in your pc or mac.

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Saving the video and photo.

You want to dowaload video and photo by using these uper instiration. You have using third party app for downloading the video and photo but it has a very big problem on tha. They have lots of malware and Ads on that. So we have prefer to download on my insertion. Don’t use third party application. 

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