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What is limetorrents?

Founded in 2009, LimeTorrents has been a familiar name and face in the torrent environment for nearly a decade.

LimeTorrents website is yet another popular torrent directory, which simply means that, it doesn’t host or contains any torrent file itself in the website but instead links you to other websites that host or directly have the desired file of importance for today or more longer period of time you may need. If you want to download something like games, software, eBooks, movies, and music, then Limetorrents is a perfect site which fits you like,  the tinder date you long have been wishing for or any long desired thing. This torrent site is also family friendly, which means you will not find any inappropriate content, this is a blessing for someone fearing that one of his family member might come and see those ads(if you know what I am saying)and blame you for something which you were not involved.

Enough with jokes, coming back to the point.

Now you might be wondering in your mind, what is the catch? How can something be so good and free to use in this money hungry world of ours? Well there is a caveat or limitations, and that is, limetorrents website is blocked in numerous countries and I mean numerous, and can only be unblocked by a VPN Provider or Limetorrents proxy. We will get to the VPN and proxies later.

Moving forward… 

The reason for that is simple, although it does not host any files which one might think is enough to evade lawsuits and complaints, it still redirects to a website that has illegally obtained copyrighted digital content, for which lawsuits have been filed or authorities as on the lookout.

Therefore, downloading any content from such a website is indirectly illegal but is in the end illegal and can get you fined if you are caught, obviously no one wants to be that guy caught while others are enjoying the lavish life. If you are wondering what kind of fine, I can get for simply downloading torrent, which seems like an innocent and juvenile thing to do but pertains to a heavy fine. Therefore, always use a torrent VPN to avoid being traced back and potentially fined.

A person surfing torrent without a VPN is prone to be tampered and fined heavily by the authorities but in some cases by some hackers, in both cases the repercussions are bad.

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Some Controversies

During the limetorrents websites early days of beginning, music group IFPI seized limetorrents servers, and a few years later the site’s operator got dragged into a lawsuit by Lionsgate over the Expendables 3 leak. Which was not a major leak but no one wants to skip a chance to mess up with someone who you have been trying to get under your hands for a long time.

Despite these issues and lawsuits, the site remains alive and well to tell another tale. That said, running a torrent site isn’t exactly getting any easier with these opportunist waiting to get a hold of you and also the new strict policies for copyright infringement out there.

Earlier in 2018 LimeTorrents switched to a new secure domain,, with a new homepage (see update below). This is a direct response to the Internet service providers blocking efforts around the world. In addition to this, the new domain should also get the site’s homepage back in Google’s search index. Seems like a victory for limetorrents.

Quote from them “We changed our domain to .io because the site is blocked in many countries like India, UK, Australia, and also because our old homepage was removed from Google’s search index,” said the LimeTorrents’ operator.

The new version of the limetorrents homepage no longer lists any direct links to pirated material. This in other words means that, copyright holders have no reason and right to ask Google to remove limetorrents from the search index, as previously happened with the old version.

 LimeTorrents proxy

Since Limetorrents is been blocked in many countries, accessing limetorrents now requires either a legit VPN or a working Limetorrents proxy. Many proxy sites on the internet provide you a de-tour way to access the actual website, which is sort of smuggling or camouflaging your way in the website. The way proxy sites work is simply that they act as an intermediary site between you and the site that you actually want to visit. Instead of you using your default IP address to access Limetorrents website, the proxy sites use their own IP address to access the site for you. Therefore, making it appear as if someone else visited the website and you never even visited the website in the first place.

Limetorrents proxy and mirrored websites

As we have discussed earlier in the article, if you cannot access your favorite Limetorrents website in your located region, then you need to use either a Limetorrents mirror website or a proxy website, for further using. Mirror sites as the name suggests are an exact replica of the original site that has all the functions and original contents. Whereas an unblock proxy website is just a mere means of accessing blocked websites you want to visit.

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By these ways you can access Limetorrents and download torrent without facing any legal issues. One important thing to keep in mind is that not all proxy or mirror sites are going to work properly, some may contain malware to trap needy people of free content. Therefore, we have a list of Limetorrents proxy and mirror websites that are working absolutely fine.

Proxy and mirror websites list

Proxy or mirror websites









Limetorrents is one of the famous and notorious websites out there and everyone is trying to either save it or shut it down, either way, things will move and unfold in front of us and we will keep updating you guys on further details.

We would love to hear from you guys about your favourite proxy or mirror limetorrents site.



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