RARBG Proxy & Mirror Unblocked Site List 2019

RARBG Proxy site list

Rarbg proxy

Rarbg Proxy is one of the prominent torrents to download your favorite Movies, TV Shows, Anime, Software, Games, and E-books, etc. Rarbg provides if not the simplest but one of the simplest ways to download these files in HD or SD quality.

You’ll see some unseen unique categories on rarbg homepage like Top 10, Box Office, and Trailers etc., all the trending and hot things out there.

Unfortunately, the site has been unfortunately blocked in many countries including India, United Kingdom, Denmark, Italy, France etc.

Rarbg has become the movies downloading hub for many movie craving people and they don’t want to go anywhere else or out of their way to burden themselves to download the high-quality stuff.

History of Rarbg

Rarbg (RAR Bulgaria) this website was launched in the year 2008. Then slowly by improvising and updates for the torrent community it became one of the best torrent sites for movies, songs, software, TV series download content site. It became a great free provider of torrent files and this site was hassle-free, easy to use and relatively faster than other torrent sites. That’s why most of the people used rarbg website services.

But later as the promising years passed rarbg started facing legal pressure from BREIN (Bescherming Rechten Entertainment Industries Nederland). Due to the lawsuits, RARBG was forced to shut down their services for one week in December 2008. After that dark period faded away rarbg website, once again continued providing services all over the world to its demanding users.

RARBG Proxy Site List

Recently, again a bad thing happened for rarbg when some countries government and internet service providers blocked RARBG website in their countries. Countries like India, Portugal, Pakistan, Morocco, UK, UAE, Finland, Denmark and Indonesia banned rarbg website services.

Don’t worry if you can’t access the official RARBG site in your country, then there are other ways to access its content.

Through VPN

As discussed the ways of getting access to rarbg can be done using a rarbg unblock website, also known as proxy or mirror. However, when using a rarbg working proxy server or a mirror website, there are some downsides as well. It will allow you to access the website, however, a rarbg mirror might give you a low level of privacy. If you’re aiming for total privacy when browsing a rarbg torrent proxy, you should always consider using a VPN.

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What is a VPN?

A VPN is in simple words is basically a private network that works together in bond with a public one, allowing its users to receive and send data as still being connected to that private network. A VPN will make it look like you’re connecting from a totally different IP address than the real one you have and offers you a totally different location randomly or your choice as well. Of course, this doesn’t mean that affirmatively that, if you access rarbg unblock website through a VPN, everything you do is 100% safe.

You have to be careful from different type, which VPN service you choose as there are several available out there, which may confuse you. Also, for that extra security you might want to purchase a premium VPN service as the free versions tend to have those unwanted moments when the protection levels drop. If you’re looking for some suggestions on what are the best VPN services to use, here’s a list:

  • NordVPN – Best Choice
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • Ivacy VPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • IPVanish
  • VyprVPN

Rarbg proxy and mirror websites

Proxy site/mirror site

Speed(0-10)   condition

https://rarbgmirror.com/ RARBGProxy

   9  working


  9   working

https://rarbg.bypassed.cab/ RARBG Proxy

  7  working

https://rarbg.bypassed.st/ RARBG Proxy

  7   working

RARBG Mirror Site

 5  working

http://rarbgmirror.xyz/index8.php RARBG Proxy

 3  working

Rarbg Alternate Sites


If you don’t want o in the slightest idea to access a Rarbg proxy then EZTV is probably one of the best destination for you out there, if you’re looking for a broad list of torrents. The EZTV website is very user-friendly and easy to use but you might notice the high amounts of ads on it. Nonetheless, it comes as a good alternative for any Rarbg mirror websites since, it comes with a gargantuan amount of database of torrents.


LimeTorrents is online and running for quite a long time now, however, it seems that it’s getting the glory by what offering BitTorrent content of many genres, LimeTorrents differentiate themselves through the health bar for each torrent, which is a huge plus point. Compared to a rarbg proxy, this health bar saves time by letting you know directly if it’s worthwhile spending your precious time and bandwidth on downloading that specific content, which you are looking for, if not then go for different links.


YTS.ag is a niche or pointed to one direction torrent site focused on providing YTS Yify movies. These all know across the web for the perfect mixture of high-definition picture quality and relatively small size, depending on one’s needs. This attribute makes its a very good alternative for a rarbg proxy site, don’t you think so?


Kickass torrents is around for more than 10 years for now and has got passed the 10 -million mark when talking in terms of number of torrents added. KAT comes with an API making it very easy to integrate and use with any website and the advanced search bar and filing features make it very easy to use for any kind of user. Also, unlike a rarbg proxy, Kickass torrents goes with a user voting system as well as full community involvement of interested users to keep its content relevant and up to date according to the demand.


If you want to know how this name came to be as 1337x you have to go back to the times of web nicknames. It stands for “leet”, a unique term used by hackers of that era to refer to the elite. 1337x comes with a quite large database of magnet links and torrent files that can be shared easily with the community through the BitTorrent protocol.

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