How To Reset Your Andriod Phone

How to reset your andriod phone

How to reset your android phone

There are many reason you maybe reset your android phone. You maybe downloading app problem or maybe your phone memory will be full or maybe your phone will not working properly. If you have update the phone then it may be create some problem so you might be reset your phone.

 Warnig:- If your have reset your phone your video and photo and all data will be erase you may take backup the data so if you have reset your phone your data will be safe.

Now I will tell you how you will reset your android phone.

I have your Samsung J7 Max phone to tell how you will reset your phone.

Here are the some simple steps you will be follow them:-

You have reset your phone by using setting menu.

First of all your will open your setting menu .

  1. Tab the setting icon or your app drawer.
  2. Click on General Management.
  3. Scroll down you will see Reset option.
  4. You have 3 options
    • Reset Setting 
    • Reset Network setting 
    • Factory data reset
  5. You will click on Factory data reset.
  6. Know you will be reset your phone. 

Your device will reboot and you can go through the initial setup as if it were a new phone.


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