Top 10 VPN Servers In India For Stream Without Any Restriction

Best VPN server in india
Best VPN server in india

Top 10 VPN servers

Today’s world scenario is painted all with the access of the Internet. Be it social networking sites or online shopping. No one can deny that life without Internet access has become quite impossible. If we take a closer look at the picture, there is a tremendous amount of our data floating over the internet. Account histories, passwords, personal data and everything else has become vulnerable. Does that run down a chill through your spine? Well worry not; we are not here just to run terror. One of the most efficient methods to secure your data online, from prying eyes, is using VPN.

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and not does it only secure your data from prying eyes but also gains control of your identity in the online world. Connecting to a VPN will assure that your data will not be encrypted by the pyres. Selecting the best VPN server to secure your data can be nerve-wracking. But here we have a list of Top 10 VPN servers which will make you find the right balance.

Winning the position of best VPN service, ExpressVPN is the lock deal for privacy and unblocking of sites which you want to get access to. With plenty of servers, it can connect maximum of three devices at the same time. Spread over in 94 countries, ExpressVPN has about 148 locations. It offers routers to the users of Mac, Windows, Linux and also Android and IOS, which almost covers every device present out there in the electronic world. Its customer support has advantages like P2P support, kill switch and excellent performance. There are a number of effective and productive web-based tutorials which will make sure you are running in no time! The packages are as followed-

· 15-month deal – $6.67 / month (saves you 49 per cent) – $99.95

· Six-month pack – $9.99 / month – $59.95

· One-month offer – $12.95 / month

IPVanish has its name for high speed and no traffic logs. The server sells itself for the promising high downloading speed and adjustable software. IPVanish is the ‘world’s fastest VPN’ with which you can connect a great deal of 5 devices at the same time. It is spread in 60 countries with more than 50,000 shared IPs.  The exciting factor IPVanish endorses is that you can choose from plenty of locations.

If a price is not on your checklist while selecting your ideal VPN server, IPVanish stands as a serious contender with rapid speeding functions. It may not be a cheap product but then there comes seven-day money back guarantee. The packages are as followed-

· One-year offer (best buy, $6.49 / month, saves 46 percent) – $77.99

· Three-month package ($8.99 / month, saves you 25 percent) – $26.99

· One-month offer ($10 / month, saves you 17 percent) – $10

Cyberghost has a huge network of more than 10 million users not just like that. With Microsoft and IOS, it also deals with the users of Android and IOS. Its advanced performance speaks for the solid performance of Cyberghost. The torrent enthusiast will be happy to know that it supports most of the servers. The icing on the cake is 30 days money back guarantee along with unlimited data usage.

Cyberghost offers packages as followed-

· 18 months (best buy, $2.75 / month) – $49.50

· 6 months – $4.99 / month 

· Monthly plan – $11.99 / month

With an availability to purchase a lifetime license, Hotspot Shield is a market within your budget pocket. It lets you access all content. So if you want to take a 10-minute break while working in an office, Hotspot Shield is the destination for you to enter restricted sites. With very affordable plans it also offers a seven-day free trial. The subscription packs include,

· Two-year plan ($2.99 / month, saves you 76 percent) – $71.76

· Six-month plan ($8.99 / month) – $53.94

· Monthly plan – $12.99 / month

Located in Central America it has 62 server locations it has about 5064 numbers of a server. It can be a sealed deal for choosing the best VPN server for you as it supports up to six devices which can be both desktop and mobile.  The best feature NordVPN provides is its large pool of servers which is 5000 and more. You can suit your pocket with the following four packages available-

·  Three-year deal (best buy, $2.99 / month, saves you 75 percent) – $107.55

·  Two-year deal ($3.99 / month, saves you 66 percent) – $95.75

·  One-year deal ($6.99 / month, saves you 41 percent) – $83.88

·  Monthly plan – $11.95 / month

Next in the list is Tunnelbear, which is very easy to use and user-friendly in almost all of the aspects. Great user experience is available for again both, mobile and desktop users. With more than a thousand servers available it can support working of 5 devices at a time. Simple language and hassle-free working are clearly visible from TunnelBear’s internet website. Apart from all of this, one thing you might want to keep in check before declaring it your VPN server is that long-distance connections can slow down. While the experts may want to skip the deal, but TunnelBear is great for beginners. With a free plan available with limited data of 500MB, there are paid plans also-

. One-year plan (best buy, $5 / month, saves you 50 percent) – $59.99

· Monthly plan – $9.99 / month

Just like its name Windscribe lets you have an unlimited connection! Yes, that is right you can have unlimited connections at a time one each with Windows, IOS, Mac, and Android. Another factor that Windscribe has made it to this list is the amazing free plan it offers. So, a speedier performance might turn you off a bit however Windscribe has its own perks as mentioned above. The free plan lets you access of 10GB of data (consider it limitless, looking at the number and no fee). Also, there are pro plans offers which you can buy monthly, yearly or biennial-

. Yearly offer (best buy, $4.08 / month, saves you 55 percent) – $49

· Monthly offer – $9.00

Security is in its middle name. VyperVPN provides very high performance at competitive prices. Not only it has easy to use interface but also unlimited data usage VPN server. Switzerland’s advances privacy laws make it even more exciting along with cool features such as auto-connect and kill switch.

Although there are no refunds you can always check out it’s functioning with a three-day trial. Plans are-

·  Basic yearly plan ($2.72 / month) – $32.63 

·  Premium yearly plan ($3.59 / month] – $43.13 

PrivatVPN is the best VPN server known for its P2P download and small home networks. It has some of the highest encryption levels and connects you automatically to the fastest server available. It allows up to 6 connections at a time working with Mac, Windows, IOS, Android, and Linux along with most of the routers.

It also offers a 30 days money back guarantee free of any hassle. Packages available are-

. Yearly offer (best buy $43.20, saves you 73 percent)

. 3 Month plan costing $13.50, saving you 58 percent

. Monthly offer costing $6.57

In a nutshell, it is the most ideal VPN available in the market for the purpose of Gaming, Downloading, Streaming, and Torrenting with unbeatable high speed. It has 500 and more servers in across 50 countries. Its features include facilities of killswitch, Multihop, cleanweb, IP masking, and Data encryption. A great influence for beginners it offers three plans-

. The 2 Year plan (cheapest priced at $1.95month/$23.40yearly)

. Yearly plan (that costs $5.95 per month)

. Monthly plan ($11.97)


I hope this article may help you to understand the VPN server and prices.



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