WhatsApp Ads Feature Update

WhatsApp Ads Feature

New WhatsApp Ads Feature Update

Hi Friends, Whatsapp has announced his new business strategy for expending his marketing area. For till, there is no any type of ads would be play on Whatsapp, although, Facebook Messanger, Wechat, Instagram and many other social platforms are published ads in their stories or cover pages or in other ways. But now Whatsapp added soon this feature in status section of Whatsapp. This news has shared by vice president of Whatsapp, Mr. Chris Daniels with Media Group the Indo-Asian News Service (IANS). Mr. Daniels clarified that they are going to be putting ads in “Status” in Whatsapp why  that  is going to be primary monetisation mode for the company as well as an opportunity for businesses to reach people on WhatsApp public platform. This feature will have allowed users to post images and video that would expire after 24 hours. Earlier, WhatsApp Status was introduced back in 2017 and took cues from Snapchat’s Stories feature. However, this introducing may take a few time, because Mr. Daniels has no clear, when this new feature would debut in market.  But, if the function was indeed found in code spotted by WABetaInfo, it could indicate status ads could arrive sooner rather than later. But,   it was also not discussed whether ads would appear on all WhatsApp platforms. All of you know that Whatsapp is a most popular public/Social platform in the World and growing rapidly. 

WhatsApp Ads Feature

All over the world, Whatsapp user are more than one billion and growing very fast because access of internet is spreading. All business establishments want to show their products through most popular platforms. Always, business empires wants to know that how many people influenced by their promotions campaigns. Like this platform, companies can know the number of people seen their product’s advertisement. This is also a cheaper way of advertisements rather than advertisements on television, print media or any other modes. 

Whatsapp’s promised in 2012 to never use advertisements on it’s platform 

Here, this is noteworthy that many person criticised this decision whatsapp management.  Critical said that Whatsapp management breaks promise made by its founder in the year 2012. In 2012, Whatsapp original founder made a promise with its users that they never use ads on Whatsapp platforms. Critical also threaten that user will be bombarded with advertisements, resulting they can go away from Whatsapp. Critical thought that advertisements insults user’s intelligence and may interrupt their train of thought. They believe that three years ago, they wants a ads free platform, where they transfer their thought, feeling and discuss valuable things. But, this decision disappointed them. When they start boosting their thought, they will be disturbed. How can they concentrate on their thoughts. 

Is this a right decision for WhatsApp Management ?

It can say that this is a profitable decision for Whatsapp management. They can monetise their platform and earn billion Dollars. But here this is also noticeable that what happened if user shifted on another similar platform. It is no doubt, when user start discussion on any important topic and they will have  accelerated their train of thought, suddenly an ad appear and finish their concentration and thoughts. Like this, how any group discuss on important topics. If users disturbed again and again, they will be irritating and get angry. Resulting, they will be searching another similar platform. In the end, they will find another app and will have shifted from Whatsapp. In this way, Whatsapp will ax itself on his feet.  

Hence, Whatsapp should revisit it’s decision. It is also in its own interest.

Friends, comment on your valuable thought on the topic. Your comments also have a value for Whatsapp management. They can make the right decision in the interest of user’s and their own.        Also Check:-


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