How To Use Stickers on WhatsApp

Find and Send Festival stickers on WhatsApp

Hi friends, now I have brought a new topic on WhatsApp new enjoyable feature. I wish you will find it very useful for you and your friends. Lets, look out some important points below to use and send it to your loved ones.

WhatsApp Stickers

Famous instant messenger WhatsApp adds a new feature for Stickers for their users which is available on Whatsapp Android, iOS and Web. Here a variety of stickers is available to choose their choice and download it and send to his friends. The festive season starts now, so you may choose stickers for Deepawali/Diwali, Christmas Eve/Day, Happy New Year, Makar Sankranti, Lohri, Holi,  Dhulandi, Id-ul-Milad, Id-ul-Juha, Halloween, Valentine, Thanksgiving, etc. stickers and send your friends and family members. For downloading these stickers, use many simple steps and joy to send a variety of stickers to your friends. Their steps are these:-

Firstly, your Whatsapp version should be available 2.18 or above on your iOS or Andriod phones.

Android Users:- Open Whatsapp App and go to Chat window. Click on the smiley icon to download stickers.

  1. You will find the stickers, icon next to the GIF icon.
  2. Click on the stickers’ icon and go to the sticker store. Here you may find all variety of stickers in packs.
  3. Now go the bottom of the page and click on “Get more stickers’.
  4. Here you will be directed to the Google Play Store.
  5. Now you can download your choice’s stickers.
  6. After downloaded the stickers, you have to open stickers and click on ‘Add to Whatsapp’ option.
  7. Once you would have downloaded your choice’s stickers, you find stickers right inside your app which you can send and enjoy with your friends and love ones.

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iPhone Users:- iPhone users can’t download stickers on Whatsapp, but they can use the stickers. Firstly, they receive stickers on their Whatsapp number, mark the sticker as favorite. Now, they need to click on the sticker’s option in the test bar. Here they will find star icon under they have all the stickers marked as favorite and select and send it to your friends and family members or loved ones.

So, friends, it’s so easy to use. Now you can enjoy and make friends more strong.


Friends, Can you tell me, how would feel you after find and use new stickers?  Tell me, I will wait for your great and valuable ideas/views.


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