Latest 10 YIFY(YTS) Proxy Sites List 2019 || (100% Working)

Yify or yts torrents site list 2019
Yify or yts torrents site list 2019

YIFY Proxy

Yify Torrents now also known as the famous YTS is a trending and worth to visit torrent site that, you probably might have already used or may use in near future.

If you haven’t till now or dropping the thought, you’re seriously missing out.

Yify has a gargantuan collection of blockbuster and retro movies from every genre you can imagine. From 2019 latest to 1990’s oldest, you name it, yify has them.

Even though Yify is if not the best but one of the best sites to watch free movies, its massive fan and connoisseur following makes it a prime target for copyright lawsuits.

Many similar torrent sites have been shot down or blocked which does raise the serious concern for Yify’s fate, as it is undetermined.

Now let’s go deeper into the discussion:

What is Yify?, or famously known as Yify Torrents or Yify movies, is one of the best places to find and download video torrents. 

Yify provides a great and easy way to download files in any format ranging from 720p, 1080p full HD, and Blu-Ray resolution. Yify is completely free to use; users will never be charged a single penny to access the website or unblock Yify movies. What’s so great about the website that sets it apart is that users can download the best quality videos, including subtitles in various languages, absolutely free. Lots of people visit the website, partly because most other torrent websites on the internet have terms & conditions and requirements for accessing the torrents.

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In fact, it was Yify that dominated with supremacy the pirated movie scenario with their content presence on major torrent sites. It was only when Yify received tremendous recognition and a lot of fan following that it rebranded itself and changed name to as YTS.

After becoming the number one most go to site for any movie lover and connoisseur, the site started to stack in millions of visitors every day, not to mention the number of downloads from yify.

To this day, Yify is still the undisputed reign king of pirated movies.

All Yify movies are heavily and relentlessly optimized to be as small as possible, making yify popular among people living in rural areas and also those with a poor internet connection. But, like most torrent sites out there, Yify Torrents tends to go through brief periods of unavailability, which is sad for many people and, which is why one should familiarize oneself with the best or most prominent Yify proxy and mirror sites that are currently out there running.

Yify browser

Yify has a pretty neat and simple interface, big time so much, so that it almost or completely resembles Netflix.

On the homepage of the yify website, you will find a list of popular downloads category underneath which you will see the most trending movies which are the talk of the town categorized in segments of various genres.

If you are a rather meticulous individual, in that case you can either browse through various categories or directly search for a particular movie using the search bar located in the top left bar of the Yify webpage.

 Yify proxy and mirror sites

Every majorly popular torrent website on the internet has some sort of proxy or mirror site available to its users. This is quite common and a daily occurrence nowadays, which serves as a backup site to whenever the official website becomes unavailable or shut down.

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Yify also has plenty of mirror and proxy sites; however, many of them are mostly filled with malware.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of Yify proxy down below.

Yify proxy and mirror sites available








If proxy doesn’t work then try VPN

Similar to the real and authentic torrent websites, proxies and mirrors are often subjected to takedowns or completely blocked. Although the proxies and mirrors mentioned in this blog are 100% working at the current moment, there’s always a slight possibility that they might not work tomorrow.

Don’t worry because, you can always access Yify through a legit secure VPN.

How? , you may ask

Well…it’s quite simple and easy to explain. A VPN helps you swap your original location to some default or your desired location. This way, even if Yify or one of its proxies gets blocked in your region, you can always inter change your IP with an unrestricted one.

Not only that, but a VPN can also secure and anonymize or makes you anonymous to your internet traffic, levelling up snoops and the authorities blocking the websites scratching their heads for answers.

Alternate to Yify

If you ever need a good alternative to Yify proxy, then you should definitely consider using Kickass Torrents. The website was launched in 2008, and is one of the best torrent websites on the internet. Thanks to a gargantuan database of over 11 million torrents that is non-stop expanding every day, Kickass is, well of course, kickass. KAT has a brilliant indexing system covering over 9 categories.

Lime Torrents stands out for its health bar on torrents. Compared to Yify proxy services out there, it can save you a lot of time by letting you know if you should spend the desired time and bandwidth it encompasses to download a torrent.

The Pirate Bay is one of the other alternative for not being able to use a proxy with Yify. It’s one of the oldest torrent databases out there. Let’s assume, if you were to think of Yify as being the Google for torrents, then the Pirate Bay takes this comparison above and beyond the next level.

1337x is a friendly public tracker, which is what you should expect and get with a Yify proxy, but for some reason, 1337x has specific ranks for registered users. This type of system is beneficial for generating competition between users and a great sign that different pieces of content can be trusted.


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